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Sabtu, 4 Ogos 2012

I love you

   Today I feel so sad, is unimaginable if he went away from me. oh I did not want think about it because it was so horrible as a nightmare. O God, help my heart. Indeed, he is very valuable. prepare your heart to all possibilities, teach that I need to do. yomi, please forgive all my mistakes. I know that was a big mistake and now I really need you to rectify the mistakes that I've done. if I make a mistake, I do not know want to solve my problem as long as you are not with me. for four years you have cared for me, so, if I have problems I will find you. You is everything ..yomi.

No one else can make me feel, 
The colors That you bring
Stay with me while we Grow old, 
And we will live each day in spring time,
Because loving you, Has made ​​my life so beautiful
And every day of my life Is filled with loving you
Loving you I see your soul come shine or excel through
And everytime that  I'm more in love with you.

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